Stainless Steel Sems Screw, Screws Philips Head, Self Tapping Screws, Hex Bolts, Washers, Inserts, Rivets, Taptite Screws, Semi Tubular Rivets Manufacturers & Exporter in Mumbai, INDIA

Manufacturer & Exporter of Sems Screw, Screw With Washer Assemblies, Terminal Screws, Self Lifting Washer, Screw With Integrated Washers, Brass Contacts, Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Combination Head Screws, Copper Contacts, Brass Rivets, Copper Rivets, Headless Rivets, Hilo Screws, Y Type Screws, Metric Thread Screws, Machine Screws, Electrical Contacts, Contactor Screws, Connector Screws, Push Button Screws, High Tensile Screws, SS Screws, Ferrous & Non Ferrous Fasteners in India, Mumbai

Vaishnav Fastners are manufacturer of sems screw, Screw with washer assemblies, Terminal Screws, Self Lifting Washer, Screw with integrated washers, Brass Contacts, Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Combination Head Screws, Copper Contacts & fastener, Self tapping screws, Metric thread screws,  Machine screws, Electrical contacts, Brass contacts, Contactor screws, Connector screws, Machine Screws, Push button screws, Copper contacts, Brass rivets, Copper rivets, Headless rivet, High tensile screws, S.S screws, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Fastners, Turned components in Mumbai.
Screw, Screws, Sems Screws, Fastener, Fasteners, Terminal screw Manufacturer & Exporter in Mumbai India, Self lifting washer, Screws & Fasteners, Screw with washer assemblies, Screw with integrating washers, Self tapping screws, Brass & Copper Contacts, Metric thread screws,  Machine screws, Electrical contacts, Brass contacts, Contactor screws, Connector screws, Push button screws, Copper contacts, Brass rivets, Copper rivets, Headless rivet, High tensile screws, S.S screws, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Fastners, Turned components. The Complete Performance.......
About Vaishnav Fastners
Vaishnav Fastners was Established in 1987 by Shri Dhirajlal P. Shah and grown by son Rohit D. shah.  Our commitment to excellence has helped us meet quality standards in the manufacturing of precision screws and cold formed fasteners with ISO 9001:2008 certification.
Vision Statement
"To be known as the premier provider of quality products like fasteners and customized assemblies to our Customers"
We at Vaishnav Fastners has self sufficient set up with no. of units and machineries which are listed in capabilities section. We have a manufacturing set up situated in Dahisar(E), Mumbai with all required infrastructure and separate Administrative office in Borivali(E) Mumbai. The dedicated staffs & Technical people are employed for better flow of work and service.
Our Specialty

Customers are always looking for one stop solution provider for all range, so we are dedicated to supply range of Fasteners, Screws, Bolt, Metric Fasteners, Metric Screws, Metric Bolts, Automotive Fasteners, Engineered Fasteners, Precision Fasteners, Cold Headed Special Fasteners etc.

We manufacture & supply wide variety of cold headed (Cold Forged) components & Combination screws as these are cost-effective solutions to our customers needs. We have specialized ourselves to develop any combination of Screws with range of heads, washers, press Components, Turned Components etc as per customers application, drawing, requirements.

Thereby Customer’s productivity is increased by minimizing product assembly time.

The Range of Fasteners & Screws

There are many different types of fasteners that are readily available. So, what are the criteria that customer should focus on when looking for the right fastener manufacturer for specific product demands?

Vaishnav Fastners manufactures Fasteners, Screws, Combination of Screws & Washers, Screw assemblies, press Components, Forged Components, Turned Components or any combination are manufactured from various types of materials. Fasteners can be categorized by Heads, Threads, Line of Process, Materials and Special Applications etc.
The range of Fasteners & Screws for Vaishnav Fastners
Bullet - Sems Screw, Sem Screws Sems Screw bullet: Terminal Screws Terminal Screw
bullet: Screw with washer Assemblies Screw with washer Assembly bullet: Self Lifting Screws Self Lifting Screw
bullet: Screws with Integrated Washer Screw with Integrated Washers bullet: Brass Contacts Brass Contacts
bullet: Screw & Fastener Screws & Fasteners bullet: Copper Contacts Copper Contacts
bulet: Self Tapping Screw Self Tapping Screws bullet: Combination Head Screws Combination Head Screw
bullet: Brass Rivet Brass Rivets bullet: Copper Rivets Copper Rivet
bullet: Headless rivet Headless rivets bullet: Hilo Screw Hilo Screws
bullet: Y type Screws Y type Screw bullet: Metric Thread Screw Metric Thread Screws
bullet: Electrical Contacts Electrical Contacts bullet: Connector Screw Connector Screws
bullet: High Tensile Screws High Tensile Screw bullet: SS Screws / Stainless Steel Screw SS Screws / Stainless Steel Screw
bullet: Pan Head Screws Pan Head Screws bullet: Slotted Hex Bolts / Screw Slotted Hex Bolts / Screw
bullet: Truss Head Screws Truss Head Screw bullet: Combination Hex Head Screws Combination Hex Head Screws
bullet: Hex Head Screw Hex Head Screws bullet: Phillips Head Screws Phillips Head Screw
bullet: Hex Flange Screws Hex Flange Screw bullet: Pan Head Combination Screws Pan Head Combination Screw
bullet: Torx Head Screw Torx Head Screws bullet: Cheese Head Combination Screws Cheese Head Combination Screws
bullet: Oval Head Screws Oval Head Screw bullet: Button Head Screw Button Head Screws
bullet: Binding Head Screw Binding Head Screws bullet: Round Head Screws Round Head Screw
bullet: CSK Screws CSK Screw bullet: Raised head screw Raised head screws
bullet: Fillister Head Screw Fillister Head Screws bullet: Cheese Head Screw Cheese Head Screws
bullet: Carriage BOLTS Carriage BOLT bullet: Flat Head Screws Flat Head Screw
bullet: GRUB Screw GRUB Screw bullet: Headless rivets Headless rivet
Pozi Drive Head bullet: Magnet Rivets Magnet Rivets
bullet: Self Tapping Screws Self Tapping Screw bullet: Y Type Thread Screws Y Type Thread Screw
bullet: Machine Screws Machine Screw bullet: Hilo Screws Hilo Screw
bullet: Taptite Screws Taptite Screw bullet: Dry wall Screwss Dry wall Screw
bullet: Wood Screws Wood Screw bullet: Chip Board Screws Chip Board Screw
bullet: BTB Screws BTB Screw bullet: UNC / UNF Threads Screw UNC / UNF Threads Screws
bullet: BT Screws BT Screw bullet: Tri lobular Thread Screws Tri lobular Thread Screw
bullet: Under Cut Screw Under Cut Screws bullet: Relay Screw Relay Screws
bullet: Push Button Screw Push Button Screws bullet: Starter Screws Starter Screw
bullet: Contactor Screw Contactor Screws Customized Screws


Bimetal Insert

Brass Contacts

Hex Combination Flange Head

Knob & Grub Screw Assembly

Self Tapping B Type Screws

Self Tapping BT Type Screws

Self Lifting Screws

Sems Screw V Washer

SS Pin

Terminal Screws With Washer

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